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Boot "SCOOT"ing Boogie

MVW67MVW67 Posts: 5,592 ✭✭✭✭
Well seems one Mr. Scooter Mcgee decided it was time to join the fun.... So I see he was interested in getting a sponsor, so I thought I would be kind and help this young newb out... without hesitation he locked and loaded and fired a package my way... of course it was what we agreed on a 3 for 3 trade...I received his part yesterday and mine, well is, well you know... Thanks Scooter for the trade and fine cigars!!!

Life is too short, live it like no tomorrow...


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    roland_7707roland_7707 Posts: 2,833 ✭✭✭
    Rack one up for the noob. Way to go scoot.
    One God, One Truth
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    Well thanks for letting me join in the fun, I know its not much but its a start, hope you enjoy
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