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other non - "TV" - sports fans day planner for superbowl sunday ???

First, let me explain myself – inform about myself...
I DO like sports, Love GOING to games, have been to more Giants, & A's Baseball games in S.F. then I can remember & a few Warriors basketball games down there as well, go to the local Ace's Ballpark in the summer to watch the game quite few times every year,
& have been to a few Wolf PAC college football games here in Reno also, & over the years many, many high school football & basket ball games too. (and a few soccer games)
I have never been to a NFL/NHL game, though I would LOVE to get the chance to be able to !
But I just cant for the life of me get into “TV” sports, I would rather tinker in the garage, wash/clean my truck, mess around in the back yard, or heck even put on a good War or Sci-Fi flick then watch sports on TV, why ? I Have no idea, I just cant enjoy it. I do NOT have “any” favorite sports team(s) at all (part of the reason ? I don’t know), just love going/being at a game “in person” to watch the game itself. …

That being said....
For those of you like me that are not “TV” sports fans
(or if you just are not into sports at all) here is my question about tomorrow;

So, I'm just curious as to what others (besides myself) are doing / have planned for tomorrow while everyone else is watching the Super Bowl ? ? ?
I myself plan on getting up “fairly” early hitting up Starbucks for a large Pikes Place coffee extra hot and going to the local B&M I like (they open at 7:30am most days), picking a few cigars, smoking one while I'm there and shooting the bull with whomever is there about what ever the topic is about while I’m there, if no one is there in the morning then just drinking my coffee and chatting with the lady that works the morning shift :)
Then come home and hang out with the wife and 2 of my sons (probably having another cigar with the wife) before they go to her sisters for the game/party. While their gone, I will most likely be out in the garage tinkering, maybe take some time cleaning my truck nice while again having another cigar lol
Yes I would rather clean my truck then have to go to the in-laws :P even if there is alcohol involved :D
Will probably order a nice pizza for diner and put on a movie 300/Saving Private Ryan … or something like that, while I eat my tasty pizza with a cold beer or two lol, then when they get home (wife and son's) go to bed.

What will any of you other non “TV” sports fans do ? or am I the only one in this club ???


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    RainRain Posts: 8,958 ✭✭✭
    I'm in it, but only because we don't have cable.Home with my son (5) tomorrow. Wife gets off of work at 10 and then is going to sleep. So him and I will hang out and do a whole lot of nothing. He'll nap around noon, and I'll sneak outside for a smoke.
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    perkinkeperkinke Posts: 1,572 ✭✭✭
    I'll be doing some cleaning and will probably go grocery shopping just after kick off, store should be pretty dead about then.
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