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Avallo Humidors

YankeeManYankeeMan Posts: 2,260 ✭✭✭✭✭
Has anyone any experience with Avallo humidors? I stumbled across their site today and they seem to have electronically cooled and humidified humidors in several sizes. The prices were not outrageous compared to the one I saw in Cigar Afficionado for $2,700 or so.

It's hard to tell online, but the woodworking did not look too fantastic. Of course, we're spoiled with our star humidor creator on this site. Wax, maybe you could take a look, you would be a much better judge.


  • xmacroxmacro Posts: 3,402
    Looks like most of the cost comes from the active humidification and active cooling; materials don't look like they justify the cost :-/

    If it were me, I'd just buy a WaxingMoon in the size/shape I want and a few cigar oasis' - probably save a bundle over these
  • doromathdoromath Posts: 576
    I second what xmacro says here. Everything I've seen from Waxingmoon has been a work of art. Most times when folks sell you something with bells and whistles, they're also charging you just for puttin those bells and whistles in there.

    The CO(s) required to humidify a cabinet shouldn't be that much, and you can get thermoelectric (aka Peltier) coolers for a few hundred bucks at most.

    I would say you should ball-park how big of a cabinet you want, take that volume and the temperature requirements you want and give a thermoelectric cooler company a call (Here's one I found). Tell them the volume of the cabinet, how much temperature change you need (You'll probably want ~15 degrees of cooling) and let them know it'll be a wood humidor (i.e. lower insulation factor). They should be able to tell you the unit you'll need and quote you a price on it.

    So then add on the cost of the CO(s) you'd need and have WM spec out your cabinet. I'm willing to bet that for around the same price you get a one-of-a-kind cabinet that does everything the Avallo does. If you know what equipment you're going to put in there WM can probably design the cabinet around it to make it seamless as well...

    ...I need to stop thinking about this before I pull the trigger myself and get my *** in the fire :p
  • xmacroxmacro Posts: 3,402
    ^ Gah! doromath you ***! Now you put that idea in my head too!! Dammit, now I've got a spreadsheet full of figures as I'm trying to figure how to work this out
  • doromathdoromath Posts: 576
    Deepest apologies. For me, once I fire up Excel or OpenOffice it's all over...luckily I'm not there yet. I REALLY want my wedding to happen and this would ruin both the financials, as well as my finance's willingness/patience.

    And uhh... just to further complicate things, remember you can design for thermoelectric capability now and install later...save a few hundred bucks up front...

  • cabinetmakercabinetmaker Posts: 2,561
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