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Hemingway Maduro?

Well seems like the trade board has been quiet for a while. Guess I can try and get it started again.

Anyone sitting on any AF Hemingway maduros?

I know that those are not easy to come upon, but maybe you bought a box and are looking to spread some out, or maybe you know of a good place to get them???

Well if any of you got em and looking to trade for something different, let me know!

I've got a bunch to trade, including some new stuff...let me know fellas!


  • bass8844bass8844 Posts: 416
    Nobody interested? Ok I'll try throwing out some bait...

    RP summer toro
    RP Vintage 1990 mini belicoso
    5 vegas cask II
    5 vegas limitada 06 07 08
    Gurkha grand age perfecto
    Padilla Hybrid robusto/churchill

    Heres a small sample of the new stuff that I have recently acquired.

    Any one interested?
  • sdipsdip Posts: 406



    I dont have the Hemingway, but am always looking to make a trade. Let me know what you have to move and some others smokes that might interest you.


  • sdipsdip Posts: 406
    Sorry, missed your second email. Would be interested in the cask, 1990 and grand age.
  • bass8844bass8844 Posts: 416
    Dip...I've got a bunch of other stuff too. Those I mentioned are just some that I've gotten recently.

    I've got a bunch of others:
    Gurkhas: expedition, master select, signature 101 maduro, fuerte, etc.
    RP's: Edge, fusion, signature, sun grown, etc.
    5 vegas: classic, limatada 2006. 2007, 2008, miami.

    Let me know if there is something else your looking for, theres plenty more.

    I guess some other stuff I wouldn't mind trading for:
    Padron 64 or 26
    Oliva V maduro, masterblends
    Opus x or anejo
    Graycliff espresso
  • sdipsdip Posts: 406

    Sorry - none of those:

    Do have:

    RP OSG

    Ashton VSG (1)

    RP R4

    Perdomo El Vidrio, Signature Collection, ESV 91 2nd's

    CI Greycliff Purple

    5 Vegas A

    Padilla Obsidian

  • bass8844bass8844 Posts: 416
    Hmmm, i've pretty much have all of those already. Anything else you have that might interest me?
  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,616 ✭✭✭✭

    PM sent
  • sdipsdip Posts: 406
    how about gurkha royal brigade or centurion
  • bass8844bass8844 Posts: 416
    Are you asking or offering? Well I have those too!
  • bass8844bass8844 Posts: 416
    Kuzi...pm'd back. Check out post #5. Theres a short list of some things I would be interested in.
  • ScramblerScrambler Posts: 746 ✭✭
    Bass, I have 4 or 5 Hemingway maduros. If you don't get some from Kuzi, I could trade one or two.
  • bass8844bass8844 Posts: 416
    Scrams...actually Kuz doesnt have any. We were talking on a deal for something else. I would appreciate it if you could spare a couple. Anything on my list strike a chord for you?
  • ScramblerScrambler Posts: 746 ✭✭
    Looks like I have 4 Work of Art and 1 Classic. I'd be most interested in trying the 5 Vegas Cask II.

    I also have some of the other stuff youre looking for. I have 3 Graycliff Espresso, a handful of various Anejos, and a couple of Tatuaje. With shipping costs, it makes sense to trade 4 or 5 instead of just 2.
  • bass8844bass8844 Posts: 416
    That sounds good. I would like to get as many of those as you can spare. Lets move to pm and work out the details.
  • bass8844bass8844 Posts: 416
    Mr. Scram, you still interested?
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