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Oliva Speical G maduro

So not that I have the room now, but when I have more space available would anybody want to do a box split of these?

They are the small 3.7 x 48 wonders. They come in a box of 48. I just don't have the room for 48 of these!! So maybe a 3 or 4 way split would be good, which would make it 16 or 12 per person. Right now Ccom has these on order so maybe by the time they are in I will have room! So, anybody interested?


  • denniskingdennisking Posts: 3,703 ✭✭✭
    these are really tasty little smokes. my last one lasted 45 min. if i had some extra money i'd be in.
  • FourtotheflushFourtotheflush Posts: 2,555
    PM Cholmes, he loves these. Im not a big fan
  • cholmes8310cholmes8310 Posts: 1,585
    PM Cholmes, he loves these. Im not a big fan
    Dang, first time ive been on in months and I'm being talked about! Musta made an impression, haha. Yes, Moose, I do liike these, especially as a driving smoke. Let me know when you decide to get some. If I have the cash flow at that time, i'd be interested.
  • HugemooseHugemoose Posts: 458
    Sounds good! I imagine it will be a little while anyway as these have to come back in stock. So maybe by that time dennis, you could have the extra money! I'll try to keep an eye on these but in case anybody else notices that they are back in before me just post here. I just had one last night and remembered how much I love them!
  • alienmisprintalienmisprint Posts: 3,964 ✭✭✭
    PM incoming.
  • Joel_H.Joel_H. Posts: 101
    I might be interested too i love special g's. How much $$$ we talking?
  • HugemooseHugemoose Posts: 458
    Replied Alien.

    Joel, a box of 48 costs $147. If we split it 3 ways that is 16 cigars for ~$49. If split 4 ways that is 12 cigars for around ~$37. I just had one, again tonight, and love em. The thought of a box split came to mind, so I couldn't wait.....even though they aren't in stock and I am low on room. So long as there are 2 or 3 people interested this could be pretty easy.
  • HugemooseHugemoose Posts: 458
    Well boys we may have to wait a while on this one. I may have just bought 15 of those Nubs from todays daily deal :-D I just couldn't resist.

    So I'm sorry but it may be a little while longer until I can do this.....
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