Tierra Del Sol Natural (Robusto)

Had this resting in the humi for about two months. This is a "value" brand created by Perdomo and I picked up a 5'er for 7 bucks in my quest to find a smoke that I wouldn't feel guilty about abandoning and also to find a smoke I can give to people I don't like.

The construction was good with no deficiencies that I could observe. The pre-light aroma was slightly sweet with a little cedar (probably mostly from my humidor). The pre-light draw was a little tight, but I had expected that it will open up once I light it up.

I toasted the foot and could not quite place what the aroma was (probably since I am still fairly new). The first inch was decent, I got a little sweetness/spice and flavors of wood. The woodiness was pretty much the predominate flavor, with no change. After the half-way mark, I noticed a bit of harshness and the whatever flavor there was left, replaced by something that was akin to chewing cardboard. I tossed it because I realized that the stick had nothing more to offer.

On the upside, the construction was great, with an almost perfect burn and a solid ash. This was probably the only pro about this cigar.

All in all, I came away with mixed feelings. The experience was as expected from a budget cigar, but I am glad that I finally experienced a mediocre cigar and I can use that as a benchmark for future smokes. The cigar also comes with a maduro wrapper, which I am curious to try despite my experience with the natural wrapper. If I can find another 5-pack for $7, I'll probably give it a shot.


  • fla-gypsyfla-gypsy Posts: 3,024 ✭✭
    The Maduro is a little better IMO, but I have smoked some of the natural and thought they were OK as well. This is a cigar that I feel does not improve with age and I will smoke ROTT. My complaint has been the loose draw on some making them a very short smoke. Of the Perdomo budget smokes I prefer the Lot 826 "Slow Aged" natural. It reminds me of the Lot 23 just not quite as flavorful.
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    What are your thoughts on the Perdomo Fresh-Rolled cigars? They come in wheels of 50 for about $80. As the name implies, you will be doing the aging yourself, but I've read that they are pretty decent fresh. I think it would be an interesting experiment get some and make notes on how aging affects a cigar.
  • fla-gypsyfla-gypsy Posts: 3,024 ✭✭
    I have never tried one, it does sound interesting though.
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