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low humidity level

Figure my first post aught to be about a problem, haha.

Im having a bit of a problem keeping the humidity up in my humidor. The humidor is the Southport 50 cigar humidor sold here on ccom. My hygrometer I use is the Little Havana, which with the salt test, it reached 74%, then leveled off to 68% (Im not sure if its 1%, or 7% off?). The temps in my box are around 64-68 degrees.

I did the seasoning procedure with the shot glass as stated in the directions. The best I could get it to read was 65% with the included foam humidifier. I also have the ccom humidifying solution for the foam. I tossed a water pillow in there to see if I could get the humidity up, but had no change. I picked up a 4oz. humi-car jar to see if that would fix the lower humidity. I also put in 7-8 stogies in there when I put the jar in.

Ive left it alone for about 4 days, and after checking it about 10mins ago, it was reading 52% humidity...? What gives? Have I done something wrong or forgot something? Are there any tips tricks to get the humidity up and stable?



  • j0z3rj0z3r Posts: 9,403
    First question: Are you using a digital hygrometer? Analog models are infamous for their inaccuracy.
  • SaVasSaVas Posts: 250
    There are sveral factors that could affect your humidity level. First, I agree, if you have an analog hygrometer, get a digital hygrometer instead. They are a lot more accurate. Next, the humidor might not have been seasoned enough. Pull out the cigars and wipe the inside of he humidor with a damp paper towel, wetted with distilled water, and re-add a small clean bowl filled with distilled water. Let it stay inside for two to three days without opening the humidor. Keep the cigars in a ziplock bag while doing this. I also recommend humidity beads over he crystals and definitel more than foam. It could also depend on the conditions inside your home. If you live where it is cold and have gas heat, the air inside could be extremely dry, which will leach moisture out of everything including a humidor. Next, if your cigars are somewhat dry, when you put them in the humidor they also could be leaching moisture out of the wood. Winter time is difficult for many to keep humidity and sometimes temperature within a humidor stable. Consider it the the opposite of summer where there tends to be an abundance of moisture in the air (unless you live in a desert climate) and a humidor can have touble staying below 70% rh.
  • Here in the Tx. panhandle it is exactley as you describe. Right down to the natural gas for heat.We fight low RH in the winter.
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