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Couple of Humis in the Works....

Well, up until recently it was a Minnesota Viking Humidor... Seriously.... I'm building this one for an LSU fan.... still have a ways to go with it as the lid is going to get some special treatment.... I can't wait until this one is done... it's going to be pretty cool.... Purple Heart & Yellow Heart... image This one is going to a BOTL in Missouri... it's his second humidor that he's ordered from me.... hence the subtle hints of "two".... Another Wormy Chestnut & Walnut...this time... image


  • shamrockedshamrocked Posts: 285
    sounds like business is going well for you - keep up the good work!
  • I know, you haven't seen anything on this one in a while... and I can't hold off anymore.... lol I sent the center of the lid to a friend of mine in Virginia who specializes in what is called "Intarsia".... He has been doing his magic and is near completion. This is the first photo he sent of it... I should be getting soon to finish this up for Dave, who is an avid LSU Fan... He made the LSU Tiger's Eye out of Purpleheart, Yellowheart & Holly.... This is gonna be cool!!! I can't wait! imageimage
  • Looks great so far!
  • cooch36cooch36 Posts: 714 ✭✭
    Is the red paduk?
  • I got the lid back from Mike in Virginia.... this guy does some pretty cool stuff! Check out his site sometime.... I glued the lid frame on, beveled the top and sanded, sanded & sanded... still have some more sanding to do... All I can say is this is going to be bad a#*!!! image
  • xmacroxmacro Posts: 3,402
    What are the dimensions of this humi? Looks like a beauty
  • She's a big one. 27" x 13-5/8" x 10-7/8" 575 Count
  • xmacroxmacro Posts: 3,402
    Not sure whether to call that a humidor or a trunk - either way, I'm totally jealous :)
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