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Epic Beard Man

worth a watch...


  • illinoisgolf99illinoisgolf99 Posts: 1,507
    that video was insaaaane
  • j0z3rj0z3r Posts: 9,403
    haha. The old guy made good on his word, beat that guy's ass. It's always nice seeing a loudmouth get put in his place.
  • kingjk729kingjk729 Posts: 2,579 ✭✭✭
    Its kinda funny but there is about 10 seconds off the beginning cut out ... the black kid mentions getting your shoes spit shinned and he asks how much .... if someone asked me i may respond with how much would that cost me ...............the Beard attempted to walk away but the brother followed and tried to intimidate the beard and he stated his age and his lack of fear ... and was greeted with the threat of a foot in his a$$ ........ after going up front the youngin went a lookin for trouble and attacked the beard ..... Nobody backs Beardy in the corner and then the stompin ensued .............. just funny to see ..... i have a short temper but i've always tried to respect my elders ....... the moral of the story ..... *** Beer muscles i got beard muscles
  • TatuajeVITatuajeVI Posts: 2,378
    lol. excellent. I love a loud-mouth getting what's coming to him. The best part is the female video taping - her commentary is priceless!
  • cabinetmakercabinetmaker Posts: 2,560 ✭✭
    Call and amboolance, lmao!! Your leaking, lol...
  • stephen_hannibalstephen_hannibal Posts: 4,317
    One of the few times I actually feel uncomfortable making some sort of joke about race....
    Damn... about to watch it again.

  • lilwing88lilwing88 ChitownPosts: 2,812 ✭✭✭
    In my profession, I deal with this kind of thing all the time. I've seen dozens of videos of similar incidents. I don't get it. It seems that people on buses think they are tougher than they really are. Especially if it's a group of young thugs sitting at the back of the bus. They get this kind of tough-guy group mentality and want to pick on someone they deem as weak. I think that they think, just because someone is on a bus, they are poor, therefore weak and an easy target. A common MO is to attack the unfortunate person sitting near the rear exit on the way out. A group of seven teenagers were arrested recently, they walked off the bus in a line, each taking swings at a completely innocent victim as they walked off the bus. Poor kid couldn't do anything as he was greatly outnumbered.

    Funny thing is, all the buses nowadays have multiple security cameras. And there are signs all over telling you that you're being watched. Yet people still act the fool.

    In some areas of my city, the police have to actually ride the buses with the passengers because violence is so bad.

    In my opinion, the only thing you should be doing on a bus is listening to head phones while reading a book and avoiding eye-contact by any means possible.
    Guns don't kill people, Daddies with pretty daughters do…..
  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,633 ✭✭✭✭
    i totally thought it was gunna be THIS video...
  • kuzi16:
    i totally thought it was gunna be THIS video...
    Me too, I didn't think it was going to be a fany pack wearin Santa Claus on a bad day.
  • LukoLuko Posts: 2,004
    I know everyone was hoping for a Tim Tribute Video, but IAAM (I am a mother...) had me hooked. Especially when the tough guy started asking for Amber Lamps and the girl was saying "owww, he leakin."
  • bibbybibby Posts: 152
    Classic! I need ambolatz!

    Awesome, I love the paper tough guys getting rolled by a 67 year old man!
  • fla-gypsyfla-gypsy Posts: 3,024 ✭✭
    The old guy threw a couple nice straight punches and just took the wind out of that blow hard punk. The mumbling about he was going to kick his a$$ while bleeding all over the place is priceless
  • LasabarLasabar Posts: 4,473 ✭✭✭
    That looks like a nice bus!
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