Sol Cubano Connecticut

Hi all, does anyone have a positive or negative about the Sol Cubano Connecticut??? I have been drawing on the Carlos Torano Casa Torano, but as time goes by, I would like a change now and then for different flavors. I also really enjoy Padilla Miami's too. I appreciate your thought's. Thanks


  • j0z3rj0z3r Posts: 9,403
    SC Connecticut is a solid mild-medium cigar. I really like it and would say it is comparable in some ways to the Casa Torano.
  • betasynnbetasynn Posts: 1,249
    I personally thing that the Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet is crap. I, however, really enjoyed the Connecticut; it's a solid example of what a Connecticut cigar should be, with all of the flavor and very little of the bitterness.
  • badge54fdbadge54fd Posts: 242
    I have smoked a couple of boxes of the Connecticut. I really enjoyed them. I am too new to be able to describe different flavours and scents, but I do know when I do or dont enjoy a smoke. The Sol Cubano Connecticut is on my Yes list
  • Thanks for your thoughts !
  • leonardleonard Posts: 359
    Smoked many Sol Cubano Connies. A good cigar for the price.
  • love em, my #2 fav CT.
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