El Primer Mundo Rosado Oscuro Cigar Review Video

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  • Thanks for posting this. It has become one of my go to cigars. I have also become friends with brand owner Sean Williams. He is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. He works out of my local B&M during the week. I have also had the blue label connecticut which is a stronger connie with ligero. His Maduro sticks remind me of the My Father Le Bijou, which is strong praise. I just sent a couple of the Rosado Oscuro Perfectos to Phil (Clearly Suspect) for him to evaluate. If you get a chance definitely try this cigar. Smoke Magazine and Cigar Snob both just published reviews giving this cigar a 90.
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    Here is another review I found at beerreviewdude.com. El Primer Mundo Rosado Oscuro Perfecto Cigar Review Sunday, December 6, 2009 This week, we have a guest review written by our friend Danny Principe, or @DannyP6228 on Twitter. He is reviewing the El Primer Mundo Rosado Oscuro Perfect, which is put out by my good friend Sean Williams. To learn more about El Primer Mundo, be sure to visit their website, located here. Also, I had the opportunity to interview Sean a few months back. If you haven’t watched that interview, you can watch it here. The Verdict Appearance: 14/15 The wrapper is a bit rough and splotchy like most oscuros. The veins are almost invisible and the cigar feels evenly packed throughout. The shape is quite a thing to behold. Flavor: 22/25 The cigar started with a nice blast of black pepper, which quickly subsided, giving way to cocoa, leather, and a nutty finish. The pepper remained in the background for the duration and picked up in the final third. This is a perfect example of a cigar that is both very rich while remaining smooth all the way to the nub. The smoke fell comfortably into the medium bodied spectrum. Construction: 24/25 I decided not to clip the foot so the first few puffs were a bit on the tight side, but after about 30 seconds of smoking, the cigar opened up providing an effortless draw. The burn was generally straight and never needed correction, not to mention I only needed to ash it once. This is a very well made cigar. Overall Impression: 33/35 This is a lot of cigar for the money. Solid flavors, great construction, all for right around $7-8. I think Dave Blanco and Sean Williams have a real winner on their hands. If you come across one, this cigar is definitely worth a shot. Final Score: 93/100 El Primer Mundo Rosado Oscuro Perfecto Cigar Review
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