Humidity/Seal question

I've been away for a while but haven't lost my interest in cigars although it has declined some due to the frigid cold temps and the amount of snow fall on the east coast this year! Is it spring yet?!?! The last couple days have been about 20 degrees warmer in VA so I have been turning my ceiling fans on in my house. I noticed that when I turn my ceiling fan on in the room that my humidor is in the humidity level drops 5+% within an hour or two. Is this typical or is this "screaming" that my seal sucks? Thanks


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    By the way, when the fan is not running I don't have a problem maintaining humidity.
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    I know very little about humidors. But I do know, is that the seal is not air-tight. There has to be some miniscule amount of airflow through the humidor otherwise humidity and temp will be too high. I'd say your fans are moving the air too quickly through the humidor and you're losing some rh. Maybe try keeping the humi in a room where there's no fans going. Should solve the problem.

    If you're worried about a leak in the seal, then you could try the "dollar test". Take a dollar bill (or a $100 bill, if you're a high-roller), close the lid on the bill and pull. If it slides right out, then you're seal is bad. If it doesn't budge, then it's a good seal.

    Hope this helps.
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    Or, you could use the "Slam" test.........just open the lid all the way then nudge it over so it slams shut. If it makes a slamming sound, the seal isn't good. If it makes a "Foosh" sound you're good to go.


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