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La Aurora 107 Robusto

La Aurora 107 Robusto - 4.5 X 50. Wrapper - Ecuador, Binder - Dominican, Filler - Dominican & Nicaraguan. Starts Medium and finishes somewhere between Medium and Full. Initial taste of of oak and rum which quickly becomes very complex with smooth flavors of oak, rum and a subtle sweetness accompanied by a Cinnamon spice and an underlying leathery taste. As I continued through this cigar, the sweet cinnamony spice picks up along with the leather in addition to the aforementioned flavors. The last third of this cigar has the complex flavors jockeying back and forth for dominance with the woody Oak and sweet rum flavor in the forefront followed very closey by the cinnamon spice with the underlying support of the leather taste. Long finish of oak, sweet rum and cinnamon spice. Pricepoint for this vitola is $6.50 which makes this a very good value for what this cigar delivers. An excellent cigar worthy of commemorating La Aurora's 107 years of existence. I Highly recommmend trying this cigar.


  • Scott1966Scott1966 Posts: 40
    I'm interested in other people's thoughts on this cigar.
  • urbinourbino Posts: 4,517
    I've never had one, Scott. Sounds good, though.
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