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Xikar Crossover Torch Lighter Review Video

image This single flame Crossover torch from Xikar features a very hot, wide single torch flame actuated by depressing a single button. The torch and button are both covered by a solid metal spring loaded cover with a positive open and close action. The whole piece is solid metal and gives an exceptional feel of quality. The finish on this particular model has grooved designs in the outer chrome surface, with black accents. The lines actually provide a good amount of grip to the unit. With a single adjustment knob on the bottom – easily turned but not loose enough to be mistakenly adjusted, finding the perfect flame is fast. For me, the fit is perfect, the button action is just right, and it has proven to be very consistent and reliable in use. With a burn time exceeding 13 min, it certainly hold amble butane to light many cigars. http://cigarobsession.com/accessory-reviews/xikar-crossover-torch-lighter-review/


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