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CCom Red Label

docbp87docbp87 Posts: 3,521
Smoked my first Red Label tonight. I enjoyed it... well at least the part that I was able to smoke. I loved the mild pepper and woodiness in the first third, and the gradual increase in spice and pepper as it progressed. Unfortunately a had a construction issue that prevented me from smoking the final third of the stick. Before I lit up, I noticed a strange hard spot right below the band point. I didn't really think too much of it until I was 45 minutes in, and started to notice how unevenly the stick was burning. I tried and tried to touch it up. Eventually I just gave up and decided to put it out, and perform an autopsy, and see WTF was going on in there. Turns out that the binder had a HUGE stem wrapped in it that ran from the cap up just past the band point (the end of which was the strange hard lump I had noticed.)

I'm talking full on stem, with a fat lump at one end. I will, however, be smoking another one if these in the future (gonna order some more CCom HB sticks soon) to give it another shot. I count this one has a fluke, a slight oversight in quality control ;)

Anyway, delicious stick.


  • ljlljl Posts: 819
    Highly recommend brazil and corojo label. Just my $.02.
  • Duder2Duder2 Posts: 926
    Highly recommend brazil and corojo label. Just my $.02.
    +1 Love'em both as well.
  • smith001smith001 Posts: 8

    Sandy here from Canada. As I have seen your comments above & I must say that you have share a lot of information that can be useful for me.


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