Perdomo ESV 91

Rob1110Rob1110 Posts: 1,455 ✭✭
Name: Maestro Tubo
Wrapper: Cameroon
Size: (6.0" x 54)

Pre-light: The scent on this cigar was very nice. A subtle sweet smell to it, the tobacco smells fresh and pleasant. The pre-light draw was easy, clean and smooth.

Construction: The construction on this baby was absolutely beautiful. As with my last few cigars, I used a punch and the entire wrapper, cap and all, stayed perfectly intact throughout the whole smoke.

Flavor: This was more of a full bodied (or close to it) smoke but never overpowering or too spicy. There was a slight spice upon lighting that quickly faded, only to dance around and re-emerge every now and then. It was never a strong spice, but enough to keep the cigar interesting. Notes of wood, earth and leather were the more prominent notes, though some chocolate could have been there in the background. This one stayed smooth and cool just about down to the nub and I reluctantly set it down with less than an inch left.

Overall: Great smoke, but have it with or after food. I started mine on an empty stomach with some cognac. About half way through, my head was spinning and I decided to snack on some cheese and crackers and some olives just to keep my bearings.


  • urbinourbino Posts: 4,517
    Nice review, Rob. I've had my eye on that one for a while, but haven't tried it yet.
  • Rob1110Rob1110 Posts: 1,455 ✭✭
    Thanks Urb. I had it sitting in my humi for a few months. They're a bit pricey, but I thought it was worth it.
  • I've had one ESV but it was the Maduro. Great stick. Your review isn't helping me saving money either
  • LasabarLasabar Posts: 4,473 ✭✭✭
    I have a tubo sitting my humi for a friend right now... He better hurry up and smoke it for everytime I smell it I get "Barnyard" and I love that smell!
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