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Well, a few days ago I had a craving for a sumatra wrapper, (and my debit card and my bank are giving me hell, so I was unable at the time to order anything from CCOM) so I went down to the local tobbaconist, and the only thing they had in stock was a Kristoff. I never tried one before, so I picked one up because I really wanted a sumatra. I didnt expect much from it, save maybe an opportunity to try a new cigar. I have to say that it was quite good. I went out to my parents' house early this morning to visit, and as I smoked, I walked around their small pond and saw some of the small fishes; I watched a woodpecker work on a poplar tree for about 1/2 hour. The smoke was pleasantly surprising. The temperature outside was a chilly 42, and it was overcast, with very light drizzle, but before I realized it, I was 2/3 of the way through the smoke. The ash stayed for about 2 1/4", which surprised me because it endured through my walking around the terrain. The smoke density was light, but the flavor went from light to medium, getting stronger through the smoke. It had the sweet spicy flavor of the sumatra wrapper which I craved, and also a slight hint of a clover smell. The finish was extraordinarily smooth, leaving no aftertaste at least until the last 1/3 as the flavor got stronger. The last 1/3 wasnt really as good as the first 2, as the flavor evolved from a light to medium body in the first 2/3. It was slightly earthy, and had some spice, but was also slightly sweet. The flavor was really complex in the first 2/3. It was an enjoyable smoke for not expecting much, it exceeded my expectations. It was just a good way to start the weekend. I wouldnt buy a box, but I will certainly buy singles of this stick again on occasion.
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