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PKJHPKJH Posts: 11
I see at my local shop the little cigar repair kits. It looks like a little bottle of glue with a brush. Has anyone tried these? I occasionally pull out a smoke that the wrapper is cracked or coming off in a spot or two.


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    kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,633 ✭✭✭✭

    ive never seen what youa re talking about at all.    ususally if i have a small crack in my cigar a little saliva will fix it.  however, i almost never get a big crack in cigars because i store them with the cellophane on them.   its a bit of a protection thing.   the only time ive ever seen one that is serious was when a friend of mine sent me a cigar through the mail without the cello on it.


    im thinking that inside the bottle is some sort of vegie oil based "glue."

    Personally i would never toutch the stuff.  the way i look at it is anything i add to the cigar will take away from the flavor.  something as fussy as a cigar shouldnt have anything added by me.  If the wrapper is just a bit cracked then i try to smoke it as is im just very careful around the cracked part.   If the binder is cracked its done for. (most of the time) I find that once the binder is cracked the added heat will make the cigar expand and crack the binder even more and eventually the cigar will unravel.

    I just try and be very careful to not dammage my cigars.

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    ashmasterashmaster Posts: 237
    Occasionally that has happened to me so I bought a bottle of this stuff. I find that if a wrapper is split a little it really doesn't do that good of a job repairing it. However, if the wrapper is coming off (kind of peeled away) in a spot or two it doesn't do a bad job. According to the instructions, you have to "softly" spread the glue under the damaged the damaged wrapper, then roll the wrapper and let it dry. Be sure to let it dry completely. Hope this helps.
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    jihiggsjihiggs Posts: 469 ✭✭
    That repair kit stuff is nothing more than fruit pectin. I have used it many times on damaged cigars, I had a box of camacho diplomas that were so fragile almost every one of them split. Damn good cigars but more needy than a high school girlfriend. I tested out the pectin on some cheaper cigars, didn't matter how much I put on it did not affect the burn or the taste one bit. Fruit pectin is used in canning I believe, that or jello or somthing. Should be able to find it at any grocery store, only a few bucks.
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    ncosinoncosino Posts: 3
    Make a little paste out of cornstarch and distilled water.  It has worked for me in the past.  Don't use alot.
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    CastleCrestCastleCrest Posts: 51
    Basically it is what they use when they roll cigars.
    I've never used it - I'm the spit & go type.
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    PKJHPKJH Posts: 11
    Thanks for all the info guys :) Patrick
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