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Weekend Blitz?

Kind of a long shot, but anyone up for a 3-way split on this weeks Blitz? I've been meaning to try these for a long time and this price is killer! If anyones interested, shoot me a PM and maybe we can work something out.

Thanks guys!


  • pnaylonpnaylon Posts: 214
    pm sent
  • mrpillowmrpillow Posts: 464
    Back at ya!
  • zeebrazeebra Posts: 3,174 ✭✭✭
    3 way split? Can I get the other 2 leftovers? lol
  • ejenne87ejenne87 Posts: 1,925
    I've got a box of them I have barely touched yet. I can send you a couple if you would like that instead... Let me know!
  • mrpillowmrpillow Posts: 464
  • mrpillowmrpillow Posts: 464
    Actually I think I'll take you up on that Ejenne, PM inbound!
  • Duder2Duder2 Posts: 926
    This is a GREAT deal, I'd be all over it if I didn't already have a box aging and a half dozen plus singles in the humi for smoking.
  • Matt MarvelMatt Marvel Posts: 930
    I'd be interested in doing as split if anyone is interested. Just send me a PM.
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