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Humidors: HELP inside the box

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a humidor from Cigar.com and it just arrived. Sadly, it came with no instructions which I'm guessing the normal person wouldn't need. But I'm a beginner.

My first question: Do I need to do anything with the Hygrometer? Is it as simple as just sticking it to the top of the Humidor? It will work properly straight from the box?

My second question: The Southport Round Humidifier which came inside the Humidor has no where to put the distilled water. I don't see any holes or anything in the back and I'm afraid to push to hard of opening the base.

My third question: If I don't need to do anything to both, I just lightly brush distilled water over the wood and put a dish of distilled water for 24 hours or until the water isn't evaperating and I'm good to go?

Thanks for any hints/answers


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    VidarienVidarien Posts: 246

    -DO NOT put your cigars in the box right away.  The box has to be seasoned.  You seem to recognize this, you can brush distilled water over, but id use a seasoning packet.  I'm just paranoid about warping humidor wood I guess.  It will take more than 24 hours regardless.  Im seasoning a new box as we speak and im on my 4th day.  Granted im using a packet, which takes about 10 days, or..at least until you hit near/around 84% RH.


    -The analog hygrometer is likely badly calibrated or may just not work.  Id get a small digital version if I were you.

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    urbinourbino Posts: 4,517
    The way most of us get a new humi ready is just to put a small dish of distilled water and a digital hygro in it, and let it simmer for as long as it takes. Check the humidity once a day and when it stabilizes at about where you want your RH to be, take out the dish of water and put in your stogies.

    As for the humidifier that came with it, your best bet is to throw it away and get some beads from Heartfelt Industries.

    The same goes for the analog hygrometer that came with it. It isn't going to be accurate enough to do you much good. You'll need to get a digital one, and calibrate it using the salt test. (Search the forum for "salt test" and you'll find instructions.)

    All these hidden costs with getting a humi up and running are frustrating as hell, but still less frustrating than dozens of stogies that won't burn properly or get moldy, etc.
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