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Can you forgive me?

rusiriusrusirius Posts: 565 ✭✭
For this dumb ass avatar of mine?!?

I realize it makes no sense in the context of a cigar forum, but alas I had no choice but to steal one from another forum I frequent (which happens to deal with traditional wet shaving with "Ye Ol' Badger Brush and Double Edge Safety Razor")...

It was quick... It was dirty... But it got the job done...

I promise though... I'll get a more appropriate one up soon!

That is all,


  • Stew87Stew87 Posts: 2
    Hmmm....Ouch. I dont think an avatar need be on topic with the forum its used in. I think it should give a little insight into who the user is. So by all means...keep it! -Steven
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