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Another Noobie that wants to initiate a trade :-)

I never did give a proper introduction to the forums, so here's a quick one...

My name is Ryan and I'm 23 years old, I work the front desk at a hotel in Carson City, Nevada and am going to college. I received a degree in Criminal Justice about a year ago because I'm really interested in CRJ... Then realized I would hate to work in CRJ!
I'm back in college again for Cisco Networking now and picked up cigars as a hobby about 4 months ago.

At first I did it because I just never had tried it before, and didn't know anyone that had, and I've loved it since the first cigar I smoked! I joined the ccom forums a little over two weeks ago and really enjoy all you guys and your banter :-)

Kk, That's enough about me. My collection isn't huge but I really really want to try anything I can get my hands on. Here's a little list of I have plenty of for trade.

5 Vegas Gold Torp
Padilla Fumas Toro
Frank's Way Belicoso
Tabak Especial Cafe con Leche
La Aroma De Cuba
Nub 460 Connie
Torano Dominico Torpedo

If anything sounds interesting, please lemme know :D I'm thinking about 4-5 cigars for a trade - And I probably don't even care what you send me, as long as a few of them I haven't had before!
Also if no one wants to trade, I wont be offended..... much.


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