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Woody Gurkha Centurian?

Just finished my fisrt one...nice stick overall, but has anyone else noticed the stems?  Maybe it was a bad one, but I was thinking it had a lot of stems.  Didn't affect the burn untill the last third, where all the stems were.  Thats when the burn got quite uneven.  I could feel the stems through the wrapper and I thought to myself, "seems like a lot of stems for a cigar that was originally created for the sultan of brunei!"  Anyone else have this problem?


  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,633 ✭✭✭✭
    never once.

    I have had issues with an uneven burn on a centurian but not a bunch of stems.

    I would put the centurin in my top ten cigars ever.
  • bass8844bass8844 Posts: 416
    I've heard a bunch of good stuff too...I guess I'll just have to give them another try.
  • ashmasterashmaster Posts: 237
    Unfortunately I have comes across an occasional stick that seemed to have an unusually high amount of stems, one that comes to mind was a Pepin stick I had awhile back.
    My guess is you got a "bad" stick.....maybe the torcedor had a "rough day after the night before".
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