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Has anyone tried Miura Cigars?

I was in the B&M last night, only had about 10 mins before they closed, as I glided as quickly through their humi looking for something that stood out from the crowd while thinking "i'd better just get something I've had before, since I don't have time" my eyes fell upon a humungous 6.5 X 60 gar that had this delicious looking reddish brown wrapper. There wa sno band on the gars and they were priced at a very reasonable $5.50 (for a B&M at least!), they were in a very plain looking 50 count box that hade the "Miura" name on it and something else that I don't recall very well but appeared to be in spanish so I picked up a couple and have them in my humi resting. I google Miura and found they are a new company from Miami and it appears that I purchased 2 Supremo Rosados from their fairly short line. Anyway they look real nice , well constructed, oily looking wrapper that is a beautiful color and since google didn't know much I thought I'd ask here. Once I have fired one of those babies up I'll post my thought s on it here. I also picked up a careras 187 and a 5150 and the B&M told me Esteban Carreras will be in the store next Tuesday evening (May 25th)!! So for the BOTLs in the west Houston area it might be worth a trip out to Absolute Tobacco in Katy, off Hwy 99, I'll be there sometime around 6:00pm Note; they close at 8:00pm


  • lilwing88lilwing88 ChitownPosts: 2,812 ✭✭✭
    The Miuras are decent for the price. The 187 is one of my favorites.
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  • MrMokeMrMoke Posts: 321
    The Miuras are decent for the price. The 187 is one of my favorites.
    I thought the '187' was by Esteban Carreras? Or, are they the same folks as Miura? I saw some 'Novillos' by Miura in the B&M , googled them and apperenrly they used to be called 'stubs' ! thinking about giving them a test flight too. The Miuras are certainly cheap enough to try, the ones I picked up were $5.50 for the 6.5"X60!!!
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