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liga pervada

    has anyone else tried these. i hear only 20 dealers in the usa have permision to sell these. I find these to be a full flavored smoke, one of my favs i think it is made by drew estates and it is not a flavored cigar.


  • timbtimb Posts: 353 ✭✭✭

    very good cigar, and as a general rule i don't even like maduros!

    (guess who has some for sale? Wink [;)]  tblythe at cigar.com)

  • Alex_SvensonAlex_Svenson Posts: 1,224 admin
    Great smoke. I think they are best right out of the box. Probably one of the only cigars I like without much age.
  • skiwawskiwaw Posts: 10
    alex cant seem to find these at cigar .com must be looking in wrong spot where do I need to look
  • ashmasterashmaster Posts: 237
    Don't mean to cut in Alex, I am very interested in trying one of these. I found them by clicking on cigars at the top of the screen, click on search, type "Liga" for the keyword search, then click on "more info". Hope this helps.
  • skiwawskiwaw Posts: 10
    thanks you will enjoy the smoke
  • ashmasterashmaster Posts: 237
    I want to thank you guys for opening my eyes to this cigar. I doubt I would have even considered trying one of these but figured why not and bought one. After reading Kuzi's review, the cigar was doomed. I fired it up this past Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it start to finish. Even burnt my fingers nubbing that puppy. I will be making room for some of these.
  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,633 ✭✭✭✭
    did you get about the same taste out of that cigar as i did ?
  • ashmasterashmaster Posts: 237
    I detected a hint of coffe every now and again. I too enjoyed the aftertaste, very nice.
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