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Alec Bradley fans

I, like many, have a relaxing pleasure to support but limited funds. I try to send as much business as possible to cigar.com, ($60 today). I hope this is not too inappropriate on their, (our) forum. I have some info on an Alec Bradley Terra Novo deal and I know many of you are fans. If interested, email to [email protected] and I'll direct you. It's for 1 day only, so inquire quickly.


  • TatuajeVITatuajeVI Posts: 2,378
    You're talking about the Scary Site? meh, it's not some fantastic price. Call Jeff Jackson at ccom on Tuesday (after the holiday weekend) and I know he'll either match that or beat that price.
  • docedwardsdocedwards Posts: 319
    Good to know. Didn't know they would do that. Would be a great deal from their listed price. Thanks.
  • TatuajeVITatuajeVI Posts: 2,378
    I always call in my orders. Not only is Jeff a great guy to talk with, he always seems to want to get me much better prices that I would have ever thought.
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