toothpaste smear

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I opened up one of my humis and noticed a diesel with one singular white patch on it. Not 3d and fluffy and not sparkly either. It was 2 dimensional and wiped off easily with a wet finger. It kinda looked like a toothpaste smear. We've been getting hot weather so I put my humis in my basement to get it cooler but it's so friggin' moist down there the rh spiked to 80 and it took a break in the weather to get it back down. It's better now and no other sticks look bad. Mold?


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    is it that hot in maine? ive never been so i hope its not a dumb question.
    if you are worries about temp, maybe a wine fridge is the way to go.
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    Yeah, it does get that hot in Maine, for short periods of time. And muggy, too. It was well into the seventies in our room where the humis live and I started thinking it's too warm for them so I did the move to the basement. That's when the RH exploded and I started thinking "aaauggghhh!!!!" Now the white smeary spot. I think I'm getting angina.

    I use 65% beads but have no active controller or temp control of any kind. Pretty low tech.
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    i wouldnt worry in the 70s. ive let my humi get up to 80*F but i make sure the RH is 65% and not a tiny bit over. ive never had problems with that.
    if you have mostly higher end cigars then you probably wo nt have to worry about beetles. the good companies fumigate. if you have a bunch of the more inexpensive brands you may want to give them a trip through the freezer.
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    They dont have any lectricity up ther to run the AC.

    -- Sorry couldnt resist.--

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    ummm... I hate to tell you but that wasn't toothpaste! =p
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