Beads in a winador

I'm working on getting my wineador up and running. The problem is my beads do not seem to be absorbing enough moisture. I currently have about a 1/2 pound of beads in the wine cooler with a small dish of distlilled water. the have been their for a few days and the humidity is still under 60%. I live in a very dry climate. Is there a better way to charge the beads then this? I also only have one cedar tray for now (more coming). any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,616 ✭✭✭✭
    pour distilled water directly on them.

    ity may crack them if you do it way too fast but this will not hurt the humidity controlling properties of the beads.

  • sightunseensightunseen Posts: 2,130
    You can also spray them with a bottle set on a "mist" setting.
  • laker1963laker1963 Posts: 5,046
    You can also spray them with a bottle set on a "mist" setting.
    +1. I use 2 pounds of beads in a four foot coolerdor. I think they are about the same capacity as one of those wine fridges. I leave a bottle of distilled water girht in the cooler and just remove the lid for a day or two when the RH drops to the minimum range of the beads. This works to maintain my beads now that they have been set up.
  • xmacroxmacro Posts: 3,402
    Also, make sure you're not opening the coolerdor more than once a day, if not less - every time you open it, you lose all your humidity, so the dish/beads need to pull double duty to compensate
  • havefun79havefun79 Posts: 18
    thanks I'll try that and check them tomorrow
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