Ccom Brazilian Label

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Ccom Brazilian Label Torpedo

1/3- During the first 3rd, the cigar presented me with strong notes of chocolate and cream with a light sweetness on the finish. The smoke is cool with a rich creamy texture. The draw is a little on the loose side which provides a nice abundance of smoke. The finish is quick with a light oily sweet note. The light was nice and even, and is giving away to a nice even burn. The chocolate and creamy notes go very well together, and so far I am enjoying my first Arapiraca wrapper.

2/3- The 2nd 3rd presented me with just a little change, and that being I tasted a light spice note on the finish. It’s very faint, which is perfect for this cigar because I don’t want to overwhelm the nice sweetness I am still getting. The finish is now giving away to more of a milk chocolate and lingering on the palette just a tad bit longer. The ash is still hanging on now, about 1.5 inches and is changing into a more of a snow white in color.

3/3/ - The ash hung on to about 2 inches. Which isn’t bad for a somewhat loosely packed cigar. The last 3rd is now presenting me with a longer finish with notes of toast, caramel, and milk chocolate. The burn has remained perfect all the way through the cigar and has not required any relights. The smoke has remained plentiful and is still cool, rich and creamy.

Summary – The wrapper had a few blemishes, chips or spots. The cigar was a pleasant surprise. With it’s cool, creamy abundance of smoke with notes of milk chocolate, toast, and a tad of spice made for a very pleasant smoking experience. I also would like to add that the Arapiraca wrapper is now one of my favorite wrappers. I also believe this cigar would be excellent if paired with a nice ice cold chocolate milk.


Appearance/Presentation – 18/20
Lighting/Burning – 15/15
Construction – 28/30
Taste – 30/35

Overall- 91/100
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