Savinelli ELR

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I got a few of these in a trade a while back and finally got around to sparking one up. The prelight inspection of this lonsdale(?) revealed a nicely constructed stick that was quite firm. The triple cap cut really well and the initial draw was firm but not too tight. I wanted to try and light this with a match since it was pretty calm outside but it took me about 4 matches to get it up and running. The burn was not great at the start 100% due to my match ability but evened out nicely.

This cigar was different than most in the flavor department. Many cigars I try have this "here I am!" flavor of spice and leather which is fine but gets a little old. The only way I can describe this cigars flavor is fresh, not like off the truck fresh but more like spring fresh. I got a lot of rasin notes similar but better than the V. organic. Midway though the draw loosened up a tad. From start to finish this stick was medium bodied, maybe a smidge milder than medium but not much.

Hopefully someone else can try one and tell me if they get the refreshing fresh taste.


  • NYHCx516xNYHCx516x Posts: 728
    I have some kind of Savinelli at home, maybe ill break it out this weekend.
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    Never heard of these. Sounds like something I should try.
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