Montecristo Reserva Negra Robusto

I picked up the Montecristo Reserva Negra in a local B&M here in Salem, Oregon a couple months back for about $10.00...I think; maybe more, maybe less. It has been resting in my humi ever since. When I bought this cigar it had a slight box press to it but that is almost non-existant now.

This is a very handsome cigar. It has no flaws in the wrapper and the band is very classy looking; gold lettering on a black background. It feels a bit heavy in the hand and dense to the touch.

I have been using a punch on all my cigars lately but I couldn't find it so I used my double blade cutter; good thing because I think the draw was just a bit tight...not too tight but I think that the blade made for a better a smoke than the punch would have.

I used a Colibri Firebird to get this thing going. It took a bit to get a good burn on it. The first third or so seemed like a bit of work to get good smoke. The flavor was very good but was a lot of work.

Once I got passed the first third this cigar really opened up. It started burning like a champ and the flavors were outstanding. There were flavors of cocoa, coffee, and damp earth...very nice.

I am usually very big on how a cigar burns. I love to see a razor sharp burn on my top end cigars...this cigar did not give me that. But, I did not have to touch it up at all and the burn did not give me any trouble. I can work with this.

Like most great cigars the flavor profile of this one changed dramatically in the final third. The flavors become a bit more earthy and rounded towards the end. The burn is still not great but I still haven't had to touch it up either.

All in all I would say that this is one of the few cigars that is worth the price you will pay in a B&M for it. I haven't seen it listen on or any other website; this stick may be exclusive to B&Ms...I don't know. For a special occasion smoke this one is very good.


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    Great review bro! This is a stick that I've been eyeballing for quite a while, and it still sounds right up my flavor profile alley. Looking forward to picking one up for myself sometime soon.
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