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I had a bad experience with this cigar today. It's supposed to be really good, and the taste and burn I had no problem with, but the wrapper was comming apart on my like dried leaves. I had to put it out about 2/3s through. I would have maybe gotten another 15 minutes from the smoke if the wrapper wasn't a complete mess. Is this my fault? Can poor care make a wrapper come apart? I have Heartfelt's 65% RH beads in my humidor and my other cigars I've pulled out of it seemed to burn o.k. My hygrometer reads abotu 71-73 degrees F and about 69-70% RH whenever I check it. Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone else have better experiences with this cigar.


  • wwhwangwwhwang Ontario, CanadaPosts: 2,878 ✭✭✭
    How much do you cut off? A lot of people cut too deep, so the cigar unravels on them.
  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,633 ✭✭✭✭
    How much do you cut off? A lot of people cut too deep, so the cigar unravels on them.
    good point here. this is one of the reasons why early in my cigar smoking career i decided that i liked the punch cut over the double guillotine.
    its way easier to cut correctly.

  • Big T smokesBig T smokes Posts: 211
    nah this thing was splitting in the middle, at the end where it was lit, and at the butt where I was smoking. then, about half way through the smoke, the wrapper actually started crumbling off! After a while I couldn't deal anymore and I ditched it.
  • wwhwangwwhwang Ontario, CanadaPosts: 2,878 ✭✭✭
    Maybe a bad stick? It's rare, but it happened to me once with a RP Royal Vintage. Wrapper was horribly thin, so it was like smoking a leafy welcome mat. Sometimes cigar rollers might mess up and give you a paper thin leaf?
  • Big T smokesBig T smokes Posts: 211
    I have one more hopefully it's not like that. I was just wondering if I could have made a mistake to make my cigar like that. It is such a highly respected brand and a highly respected version of the brand. I couldn't believe how crappy the wrapper was. Like I said tho, no complaints about the smoke or the burn. Very flavorful and very smooth. Not harsh whatsoever.
  • wwhwangwwhwang Ontario, CanadaPosts: 2,878 ✭✭✭
    Your other CAO should be ok. I've never had any problems with CAO cigars before. Like I said, most likely just a bad stick with a really thin wrapper.
  • Big T smokesBig T smokes Posts: 211
    Ohhh I hope so.... I was so ready to become a CAO "VR" fan. Like I said can't say enough nice things about the flavor and consistency of the cigar itself. And to be honest, until it went halfway down the cigar was still fine even though it cracked a little. Once it got past halfway I guess it got so dried out that thing was breakin' up on me like a hot chick on the rebound.
  • Well I hope that was just a rare incident for you as I have 20 VR's in their own CAO aging humidor.
  • cabinetmakercabinetmaker Posts: 2,560 ✭✭
    The vr is a tasty stick, the only problem I've had is tunneling; never a wrapper issue.
  • One2gofstOne2gofst Posts: 583
    I really like the VR. I have only had one issue with a CAO, which was a plugged Criollo. Hopefully the next one turns out better. You know, now that I think about it, I hardly ever have a wrapper falling apart issue the isn't evident beforehand (visible damage and the like) but I seem to get plugged cigar much more frequently (although that might not be true, but I had one last night that was tight as a drum and couldn't clear it no matter what I did.) Those plugged ones piss me off. At least if it falls apart I can, hopefully, enjoy what I had up to that point :)
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