Cubao No. 6

A real enjoyable smoke. A very smooth leathery smoke with just the right amount of sweetness. I just might have to smoke another one tonight. Full review is at

And look at that, it's my 1,000th post. w00t!


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    Finally! let's see who won now :)
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    Had been a while since I had a Cubao, and I remembered it being medium to full but leaning towards full - remember getting a little buzzed up off it actually. Very enjoyable smoke.

    Today, I lit one up with about a year on it - what a difference!!! This baby had calmed WAY down and was now solidly a mellow and super chocolately. As I had been in the mood for something a bit stronger when I lit it I was a bit pouty. "Where's the power?" I asked myself.

    Then I retrohaled.


    Now this stick holds the best of both worlds - nice smooth goodness with a kick that, because it comes from the retrohale, is there when you want it and gone when you dont. Gotta mention the burn as well. I dont remember there being any major burn issues with Cubao's before, but this one was literally a razor sharp line from beginning to end... the kind of burn you always hope for but rarely get.

    Honestly, this was the first stick that I really have seen a MAJOR LEAGUE difference in due to aging. If its this amazing after 10 months, I cant wait to see where its at in two or five years. I honestly cant imagine it being much better, but I sure am hopeful!

    Fellas, if you enjoy medium to full smokes I highly suggest getting a couple fiver's or so, having a couple and then putting away the rest for an extended period - you WONT be disappointed!

  • sounds good..I got one from the COTM club and it sounded good. Def. going to fire it up and maybe stock up. Thanks for the heads up!
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    Yeah, you sit on these for a good 6 months, maybe a year and they are fantastic. I've had a few of the number 5, but never the 6.
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