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Padron 2000


So Im not new to smoking cigars, but new to really enjoying it as a continuous hobby and really enjoying the experience for the cigar.  Typically is was always because I was out with the guys hanging out etc.  Now I will have cigars by myself just to try to relax and unwind.  Im fairly a newbie in what I am going to coin as the start of my 2nd cigar life.  Ive smoked about a dozen cigars in the last month, most while I was on vacation.  The 1st cigar I had to kick off my vacation was a Padron 2000 natural wrapper.  This review will be very limited as I smoked the cigar about 3 weeks ago and didnt take any notes on it.  I just remember sitting at a cigar bar in Boston really enjoying the cigar.  It was very smooth, well made and flavorful.  I didnt see any other reviews of Padron our there so I wanted to kick one off.  I am going to get a few to put in the humi for possibly a future formal review.


  • LasabarLasabar Posts: 4,472 ✭✭✭
    I did do a review of a Padron 3000 it's in this same section of the forums... I really enjoyed this guy
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