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Gurkha Royal Brigade Perfecto

So I lit up this cigar with great anticipation and I was not let down. this cigar was a great smoke from beginning to the nub. It seemed to be a sweet cigar at first smell, but was smooth after it was lit. I enjoyed the easy draw and the wonderful taste on the tip. The cigar didn't produce a ton of smoke but it was sufficient. I can't quite say if it was medium or full bodied as I can't quite make that distinction. Overall it was a great smoke and I would recommend it to anyone for a pleasurable experience, or to start someone into the hobby. I must admit however I was not allowed the time needed to finish it. I smoked on it for a good hour before I had to leave for work. (miscalculation in time on my part) I can't travel to work and smoke anything so I had to let it burn out. I did relight it later and was surprised that it didn't have a bitter or ashy taste. It relit without a problem and I was back to finish it off. I would say all in total it was about an 80-90 minute smoke


  • j0z3rj0z3r Posts: 9,403 ✭✭
    Sounds like a good smoke Matt, thanks for the review. I have only ever smoked one Gurkha and that was a tremendous waste as my inexperience led me to smoke it as though it were a cigarette and not a premium, hand-rolled cigar. I think it might be about time to awaken one of my beautiful Gurkhas from their slumber pretty soon.

  • rdnstnrdnstn Posts: 993 ✭✭
    I'm sure I've said it here many times, but I'll say it again. You can't go wrong with a Gurkha.
  • ashmasterashmaster Posts: 237
    Nice review Matt, glad you enjoyed it. I never really been a Gurkha fan, but one I tried and enjoyed was the G3, an amped up Gurkha. I do want to try the G5 version.
  • rdnstnrdnstn Posts: 993 ✭✭
    Nice review Matt, glad you enjoyed it. I never really been a Gurkha fan, but one I tried and enjoyed was the G3, an amped up Gurkha. I do want to try the G5 version.
    Well since you're not a Gurkha fan...if you have any that you want to clear out of your humi. Wink, wink.
  • Or you can split up your Gurkha inventory and support two troops in theatre..Wink, wink. I like all your ideas Ron about people sending you what they don't like, but have you had any success? -Matt
  • rdnstnrdnstn Posts: 993 ✭✭
    No success yet, but it doesn't stop me from trying. LOL

    I am such a mooch.
  • ashmasterashmaster Posts: 237
    Hey Ron, can't blame you from trying.....you never know.
  • Rob1110Rob1110 Posts: 1,577 ✭✭✭
    I finally got around to trying one of these this weekend and was definitely pleased with it. Similar to the legend, but slightly spicier and a tad stronger. This is more of an after dinner cigar and my idea of having it on an empty stomach wasn't the greatest idea, but it was still a great cigar. Where the legend had a slight "barnyard" and earthy flavor to it (as described in the legend perfecto post), this stick was almost all dark chocolate. That was the dominant note and really stuck through this cigar. I'd have to say the greatest strength of both legend and royal brigade is their consistency. Other notes such as coffee, slight leather an spice (mostly at the very beginning) danced around, dark chocolate was the dominant flavor here. I'm hoping to get my hands on a grand age and a centurian soon.
  • urbinourbino Posts: 4,517
    I'll be interested to hear what you think of the Grand Age, Rob. I've almost pulled the trigger on a couple of those several times.
  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,633 ✭✭✭✭
    this is the centurian with the cameroon wrapper from the neopalese warrior right? i could be wrong i didnt look it up.

    if that is the case i wouldnt doubt how good it was. Ill have to buy some. I shoulda last time i had the opportunity.
  • urbinourbino Posts: 4,517
    I dunno about all the other details, kuz, but it does have a Cameroon wrapper. That's what caught my eye.
  • SacNickSacNick Posts: 77
    The Legend was quite a bit better than the Centurian.
    The Centurian is what got me to buy Gurkhas. Still, I enjoyed the Legends much more.
    Half of the battle for me on the Centurian is keep it lit and burning well. Two of mine kept canoeing. Although I seem to have this problem with all figurados (or whatever their called) like this.

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