Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve

I just had one out in the rain and I have two observations.

1) The cigar itself was pretty good. I got them super cheap so I'm not complaining. A nice Friday afternoon cigar. I think I'll have a 5 Vegas Gold or soemthing a lil more flavorful later on in the day but I really did enjoyt he smoke. The Super Fuerte I enjoyed a little bit more.

2) Cigars in the rain are AWESOME. I like the rain. The way it smells, the nice cool air it brings, the dampness and coziness you feel under and awning or deck. Having a cigar with the sounds and environment is nice period but I notice they seem to burn a lil better int he rain. Maybe I just smoke too fast normally but this thing kinda slowed down a bit FOR me if that makes any sense. It's hard to put into words but I thoroughly enjoyed myself out there.

The stogie itself was o.k. like I said. I was very pleased with it and I would definately get more for the purpose of trying to kill an hour or so with a cigar hanging out of my mouth. It's listed as a mild cigar but it definately had a bit more of a kick than the Dominicos and some of the other cheaper milds I'm used to. The flavor remained pretty consistent throughout. The aftertaste has a bit of a for lack of a better word... feeling to it but - IT WAS CHEAP. Cheap but a fairly decent level of quality in my opinion. I don't spend a ton of money on smokes. I have some nice premiums that I tend to hang on to but I buy sticks like these for my normal weekendly cigar smoking. I hear these are quite tastey with some age to them.


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