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WTT Gurkha 101 Maduros

Trade made.


  • Joeyjoe21_8Joeyjoe21_8 Posts: 2,048
    pm sent.
  • thehoffthehoff Posts: 76
    Back at you
  • cholmes8310cholmes8310 Posts: 1,585
    pm sent.
    you are such a Gurkha ****... gotta be the only one I know too!
  • Joeyjoe21_8Joeyjoe21_8 Posts: 2,048
    oh how u flatter me so mr cholmes...lol...what can I say, they have so many lines to try out and trading in 5 is perfect...one to smoke now, one a year from now, and if i dont like them then trade out the rest
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