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Checkin in, been awhile

Hey folks!! Been too long since I checked in with all you BOTL's. Changes on the web site and blah blah blah.....I'm on my new Mac Book Pro. I am making the change and it's really cool. The same thing on MS takes 5 clicks and the Mac is 2. Have to learn to think in a different way. Speed and wow factor is really worth the $$. Well anyway, I thought I would leave a few thoughts. I just fired up a marvelous Oliva "V" series Torpedo. I have never been so excited about a blend as I have with these Olivas. They start like a knitted blanket on a frosty night. As the experience continues, the full bodied quality comes through as expected. The whole 55 minutes is pure heaven. When I tried to stand....well let's just let that go. Yeppers, the event is fantastic. After working a day on Planet San Francisco and driving for over 4 hours because they waited until school started and the fall season got underway before closing a 4 lane freeway down to 3. And now that everyone is home and back from vacation, it must be time to choke the lemmings. So as the battery cars fly down the commuter lanes using as much gas as everyone else, I sit in traffic and consider the true meaning of what is going on. The war between common sense and special interests. An ex-almost President made a movie and all the goo goo's got excited. Life changed because people were given something to take their mind off of life. My taxes, er fees, er taxes oh shoot I can't remember what they are called again, helped pay for the HOV lane that I can't drive in but the battery car drivers can because they save gas or wait a minute, they are good in stop and go traffic because they run on their batteries and an evil gas car burns gas... oh strike that, my mind just went tilt. I must remember that they are much more equal than I. Well I am starting to sound like a boo hoo so maybe it's not a good night to post. It's good to see you all (sorta) again. Hope you are well and your families are safe and blessed. God Bless! Smoke on fellas and ladies!!!!


  • BigDan.BigDan. Posts: 211
    welcome back..... big giant tip... put the spaces in ur post or nobody wil read it bcuz it ooks like this giant mess that seems way to much work to read. enjoy ur laptop and the smokes stick around
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