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Sh-tty weather

I live in naperville ,Il ( suburb)...i love it, but this weather is killing me....one minute its 90 degrees sunny, the next second...cloudy skys....rain, thunder....its been like this all summer long....and now i want to smoke and its hailing outside....lolol....ohh well...gtta go smoke inmy garage..... all hail the beard.... have a great weekend to all my botl's


  • doromathdoromath Posts: 576
    Sounds like we need a weather exchange program. Hot and humid as all get-out down here in my neck of the woods. Haven't had a cigar in a week and am getting the itch, but it's just kind of miserable outside. So, let's see I'll trade you my clear skies for your boomers, and some of this heat for your milder temps.

    Deal? :p

    In all seriousness have a great weekend fellow BORK.
  • TatuajeVITatuajeVI Posts: 2,378
    I know exactly what you mean - quit sending $hitty weather my way!!!

    And it's BORKs, not BOTLs. ;)
  • lol,,,i would love to do an exchange.....we have our central air running at 75 degress...man its been going on alot.....the electric company is loving all this......but you know what....in a few months....im gonna be sitting in 20 degree weather.......chicago's freezing temps and winds are noooo joke......im assuming that i will making over my garage as a cigar lounge for me and my botl's......
  • thedjfish@comcast.net[email protected] Posts: 1,692 ✭✭✭
    stav then you would of got a kick out of ohare overnight,all flights grounded the fuelers had to stay until all flights left,and the fueling hydrants where fuill of water and fuel,i had a great night trying to monitor the api of the fuel,and all the water seemed to stay,my rain gear sucked,and another co-worker snagged my pumper truck when i was changing into drycloths and left me with a junky pumper truck,great night it was
  • turn_keyturn_key Posts: 90
    I hear ya. The kids are going nuts because we've been mostly keeping them inside this past week. I might take them to the mall today.

    The lightening last night was pretty cool though...
  • TheedgeTheedge Posts: 316
    About 1:30 last night the dog woke me up as it was starting to get windy and rainy. I saw my deck chair was just getting blown out into the backyard, so I stepped out there to grab it. It was so windy, I actually had to crawl with it back to the house. That would have been an odd site to see.
  • hey joe, that sucks ass...ohare is a beautiful airport but man, working there, you get hit with everything.,.weather , delays.....but u gotta love chitown.....it would be nice if u can smoke a cigar while u work...lol...
  • that lighting last night was def pretty cool....i finished watching inception and when i came out of the movies...the lsky was lighting up.....very nice...im a city from brooklyn.....u dont see this kind of stuff on the northeast...lol
  • mrpillowmrpillow Posts: 464
    A covered patio is the cigar smokes best friend.
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