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any boxing fans?

Just read that manny paquiao is gonna fight magariot. what the hell. margarito was thrown out of boxing for cheating, he put plaster in his gloves. why fight this guy...lets see paquiao and mayweather!


  • sumixamsumixam Posts: 23
    Yessir, big fan!! This Pacquiao ordeal has been a mess. Here's the condensed version of what I know (not claiming everything is true): Floyd vs Manny was on, but Floyd wanted random blood drawn drug tests right up until fight night, Manny wasn't cool with that, fight off. Manny won a gov't position in the Phillipines, and while he was over there the public let him know they wanted him to fight Floyd. Manny changed his mind and decided to agree Floyd's demands on drug testing, and Manny's promoter set a deadline for Floyd to accept the challenge. The deadline came and went, the Floyd camp later said there was no challenge, and Floyd said he's on vacation and not focusing on boxing right now..... whew!! Anyways, I think it's a bunch of crap on both parties, they just need to get this match going, before it's too late!
  • surfingzeekosurfingzeeko Posts: 628
    I'm hoping this goes down as well. I was really disappointed in the De la Hoya vs Mayweather fight, seemed like all it was, was floyd dancing circles around Oscar, and not much of a real fight. I want to see a throwdown! lol
  • VulchorVulchor FloridaPosts: 4,806 ✭✭✭
    Im as big a fan as they come, and the synopsis of what happened is pretty on target---with the exception of saying that all this is Mayweathers fault and he doesnt really want the fight because it can ruin his (weak) unblemished record. The May-lovers will say its not the truth, but any rational person in the sport knows it is. IMO, its too late for the fight already, shouldve happened over a year ago, wont happen AT LEAST until May.....the "in their prime" era is a short time, and whenever and if ever (at this point screw them both---its about $ and not the fans or sport anyway) the one who loses will use the "past prime/couldnt pull the trigger" excuse we've heard so much. I dont know if thats the bigger shame, or Margarito getting a payday he hasnt earned. Paq moving back down to fight T. Bradley or taking the HUGE risk fight P. Williams are the better fights for fans....but we are the only ones that care about us.
  • ug danug dan Posts: 375
    I would love to see the fight go down, but I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon. They both don't seem too eager to fight each other. That's what happens when you have weak governing bodies that can't force the fight. Another reason for the popularity of UFC, the top names have to fight each other or not fight at all.
  • Pacman84Pacman84 TexasPosts: 2,236 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I would have loved to see Pacquio vs Mayweather. I think this fight will eventually happen just not anytime soon. I was pumped when I heard they were gonna fight in March but then later to hear Mayweather cam out with his olympic style blood testing. What a load of crap. Mayweather is scared to fight Pacquio.
  • bandyt09bandyt09 AKA Mr. Barley & Mr. HopsPosts: 4,339 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Pacquiao v Mayweather - Just more proof that wrestling is real and boxing is fake, LOL.
  • Big T smokesBig T smokes Posts: 211
    Who? MIKE JONES!

    Mike Jones is the future of the Welterweight division IMO... technically he is the present but he's gonna fight Mayweather at some point probably before the Pacman fight ever happens... and I don't know if it will. If Jones beats Mayweather (which I think is very possible. I'd still bet on Floyd if I HAD to, but Jones is a bad dude) then the Manny fight loses that much steam.

    I love bandyt's post though. If it WERE pro wrestling, this fight would have happened already.... serveral times over the last 6 months lol.
  • AQUADGIO1200AQUADGIO1200 Posts: 406
    i want to see Pacman vs Julio Cesar Chavez!!! lol....thats pretty much the last time i saw a boxing match was when Chavez lost to Oscar De La Jolla...and Oscar cut Chavez's eye and the fight was stopped.
  • sumixamsumixam Posts: 23
    i want to see Pacman vs Julio Cesar Chavez!!! lol....thats pretty much the last time i saw a boxing match was when Chavez lost to Oscar De La Jolla...and Oscar cut Chavez's eye and the fight was stopped.

    Wow, that was a hot minute ago... 1996... i grew up watching Julio Cesar Chavez, i remember the Chavez vs Taylor fight, i was 9 years old i think.... Chavez and Roy Jones Jr were my favorite fighters. Roy in his prime was amazing, then he fell off big and was never the same!
  • FourtotheflushFourtotheflush Posts: 2,555
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