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Salt Test w/ 1/2 cup of salt

sumixamsumixam Posts: 23
Hello, new guy here. Getting a small humidor shipped this week from ccom (hey, we all gotta start somewhere right)... anyways, i bought a digital hygrometer yesterday and wanted to calibrate it. I've read plenty of articles on the web, and the most common salt test was using a bottle cap and small ziploc, so I gave it a whirl. After 12 hours, my RH was at 72, ok not too bad, i'll just add 3 to the reading and be good to go. But just for kicks, I wanted to try one other article's recommendation of using 1/2 cup of salt with about 1/4 cup of water. After 8 hours my RH reading is at a steady 75.... i'm guessing with the larger quantity of salt, there's more room for error concerning the water to salt mixture. In both tests, I just made sure there was no discernable water sitting at the top of the mixture.

Getting a little off topic, but I had about a 71-75 degree temperature fluctuation, is that going to be ok? I don't think I can put the future humidor in any other cooler place, as it's been really warm July this year.


  • AQUADGIO1200AQUADGIO1200 Posts: 406
    Welcome to the forums BOTL. That temp should be fine.....as long as your humidity doesnt go above 75...high temp and high humidity can welcome the wonderful cigar beetle. I live in the high desert in SoCal and also have low to mid 70's in the room where i have my sticks.
  • aron325aron325 Posts: 158
    welcome and you have joined the best site ion the net lol.
  • sumixamsumixam Posts: 23
    Thanks for the welcome, it does feel a lil' cozy here!
  • The SniperThe Sniper Posts: 3,910
    I would suggest ordering a Boveda Calibration pack in order to calibrate your hygro. Super accurate and takes human error out of the equation. They also make some seasoning packs which do a really nice job too.

    Welcome to the forums! Great bunch of people here, and we are always happy to welcome more!

  • Big T smokesBig T smokes Posts: 211
    i found the same readings with both the bottle cap and the larger mixture you describe myself, but that was me. I got a Caliber III hygrometer and I love that thing..

    Also... welcome! This place is a wealth of knowledge and the community is probably the single nicest of any forum site I've been to so you made a good choice.
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