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Trade maybe?

kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,633 ✭✭✭✭
im kinda looking to trade a few Avo Domaine #50s off. maybe 5ish

sooo... make me an offer. ccom has Doaines listed for $11.40 each so keep that in mind when offering. (but of course im flexible)

im looking mostly for LFD, other Avos (but not Avo maduro), davidoff (especially the maduro), Liga Privadas, rare fuentes, aged camachos, or Danli Reserve.

ill entertain other ideas but im kind of holding out because i have a hard time trading out cigars i love so much (i just have a TON of them right now and im looking to diversify.) the rarer the better, generally speaking.

i may be a bit slow on the reply when you PM because this week is the work week that will never end. wish me luck.


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