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I got my drymistat tube in the mail today, but that was it.  It didn't come with any instructions.  The tube arrived and it looks like the gel crystals have expanded then entire length of the tube when I unpackaged it.  Do I need to add distilled water still or do I unwrap and put it in?  Their website says to add water the first time, but since the crystals expanded the entire tube, not sure what to do?


  • sightunseensightunseen Posts: 2,130
    If the gel has expanded past the "fill" line, then just put it in the humi. I remember mine came "pre-charged" as well.
  • SgtRickSgtRick Posts: 75
    Just put it in your humi. I have several of them and they work great. I mainly use them in my travel humi's.
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