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Sol Cubano Artisan

So has anyone had the chance to try these? Haven't been able to find many reviews on them. Hows the burn? I've heard that barber poles can sometimes have an uneven burn due to the multiple wrappers. Any good or bad experiences with these sticks?


  • pilot711pilot711 Posts: 176
    I haven't tried this one yet. I have had several Barber pole smokes though. I enjoyed the CAO America. Last week I had the Indian Tabac Split Decision. This was a nice smoke but the different wrappers did burn a little unevenly. In it's defense when i got the order I put all but one away to rest and smoked that one right away so it might be better with a little age on it.
  • bass8844bass8844 Posts: 416
    From what I've been reading from various posts and forums, the barber pole cigars seem to be more of a novelty to most people. I haven't really seen anyone raving about these cigars...are these styles more "show" than "go"?
  • rdnstnrdnstn Posts: 993 ✭✭
    Don't really have an answer for you because I haven't personally tried them, but I heard the Indian Tabac Split Decision is a decent smoke.
  • I apologize in advance for interupting, I am new.  Do you know where I can find a website, as I have an autographed cigar box by Don Diego, I believe.  Any help would be help ful,

    Thank you,


  • DocTDocT Posts: 6
    I had one so far when I just got them back in December, I think. The burn was uneven at first, but then evened out after the first 1/3. I think it's because it hadn't acclimated properly after its long trip from c.com. The Connecticut wrapper was a bit fragile as it broke in several places. I think the cigar was just a bit dry as it was traveling during the winter season. I still have a few more sitting in my humidor and will probably light another one next month, to give it a 6-month rest.
  • bass8844bass8844 Posts: 416
    Finally found someone who as actually had one! Just picked up a box not too long ago...Looks like I'm gonna let them sit a little longer before I actually light one up.
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