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Somedays, I really hate people.

So I'm 21 and work in a production plant. I'm the youngest guy in my area by at the least 5 years, at the most 42 years. I'm also the second in command (my boss is the second youngest coincidentally) this causes some problems with people who start out and think they know everything just because they are older than us.

Now here is my story. A new guy started this week, he's 42, twice my age. For the past 3 days (HIS FIRST 3 DAYS!!) he has been talking down to me every night. Tonight I had him cut some plastic with an ELECTRIC SAW-ZALL!! He took said saw-zall out of it's case and PUT THE BATTERY ON IT the proceeded to put the blade in it and PULL AND PUSH THE BATTERY OPERATED SAW-ZALL ON THE PLASTIC!!!!! By this time i was on the other side of my area just staring at the stupidity that was unfolding in front of me. I thought to myself "I know he's seen me cut this, I know he put the battery on it, I know I didn't do what he is doing. How long will this last." After about 5 minutes of this, he walks over to me. (by this time my boss has watched me watch him and is already chuckling at my anger) He asks me where the spare blades are, I ask him why he needs one. "Well this blade is obviously dull, if you knew a little bit more, you could've figured it out." This is where i snap. I take the saw out of his hands proceed to walk over to the plastic and take a few seconds to PULL ON THE TRIGGER AND CUT IT WITH THE FREAKING SAW!!!!! I hand it back to him and say "IF YOU HAD A DAMN BRAIN YOU COULD'VE FIGURED OUT THAT THE SAW WAS BATTERY OPERATED!!! SEE THIS BIG BLACK THING YOU PUT ON THE BACK OF IT? IT'S A BATTERY! BATTERIES HAVE POWER! THEY ARE USED FOR POWER TOOLS! SEE THIS TRIGGER? WHEN YOU PULL IT, IT MAKES THE BATTERY SEND POWER TO THE BLADE AND IT DOES THE FREAKING WORK FOR YOU! THE BLADES NOT DULL BUT YOUR DAMN BRAIN IS! THAT'S WHY SOMEONE HALF YOUR AGE IS IN CHARGE OF YOU! NOW STOP TALKING TO ME LIKE YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME! I KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS THAN YOU!" Then i walked over to my boss who was rolling on the ground laughing and told him to keep that guy away from me.

Well that's my rant. Sorry about all the caps, I normally don't like to use much full word caps but i'm pissed and it's the only way to really get my feelings out. Well i'm gonna go smoke my Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet and then go to sleep. I just got off of work and away from this horrible night.


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    Sorry bout the peckerhead in work but thanks for the story. I'm laughing my ass off in work and needed a good laugh to wake me up this morning.
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    Damn ... I don't know whether to laugh or shake my head. The cigar was good at least. Can't go wrong with a Sol Cubano.
  • dutyjedutyje Posts: 2,263
    Hehehe.. I get great joy from your misery.. thank you :)

    Might I suggest a different approach in the future? Cut to the point where he says, "if you knew a little bit more, you could've figured it out."

    Now, bet him $20 that you can have the plastic properly cut in (pick your number) seconds, with that saw, and with that blade. After you've won the bet, simply reply, "if you knew a little bit more, you'd still have $20."
  • Great story. I had something like that happen to me once when I was 19. People are stupid. I'm probabily one of the stupid people because I mentioned that people are stupid.
  • sanesane Posts: 151
    That was a good way to start my day at work, thanks.
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    Years and years ago, I worked at one of those home improvement stores. We hired a couple of 20-ish dudes to help out one summer. I called them "Beavis" and "Butthead" all summer. One day, the floor manager called them over and said, "See these new light bulbs? I want you fellas to go around and replace all the bulbs in the store that need replacing. Got it?"

    Beavis looked at the bulbs for a moment, then looked up and said, "How do we know which ones need replacing?"

    Sometime I'll tell you about the time we had to tell them you can lock a padlock without the key.
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    i read the title of this thread:
    " some days i really hate people"

    and i thought to myself:


    you're doin better than I.

    my wife has told me that im a younger version of Red Foreman.
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    Well this doesn't count as a fellow employee rant but rather a "stupid caller" rant... Still it's funny as hell so I figured I'd share... Someone told me once that they had read a list of similar calls once and saw one that sounded almost exactly like mine... I don't know if it was based on my experience or if there are just two people out there as stupid as this... Either wouldn't suprise me!

    So anyway, a brief background... Years and year ago I worked for a local ISP as a technical support rep... This was in the hayday of the internet when prior to this you had almost entirely very experienced people on the net but thanks to microsoft and point-n-click simplicity you were getting more and more morons that just "had to have an email address"...

    So anyway, I take a call one day from a guy who "can't get connected" and wants my help... I ask him if it's giving any error messages and his first question is "Should I take it out of the box first?"... GREAT! You see, back in that day we gave away Netscape Navigator (the retail version) in a box with a book and a disk... We did this with every subscription... First of all, because at the time the OS didn't come with a browser, and second of all, because we could "modify" the disk to make the built-in "netscape dialer" give a list of all of our local pops and the user could choose the one that was a local call...

    So this idiot "couldn't get connected" but apparently hadn't even taken the disk out of the box yet... ARG... It's gonna be a great day I'm sure...

    So anyway, I tell him that yes, he needs to take it out of the box and put it in the disk drive...

    Him: Huh? What disk drive?

    Me: The disk drive in the front of the computer, it'll look like a slot...

    Him: Ohh, we'll let me get it out of the box.. .... .... .... .... .... .... .... This is a TV...

    Me: ??? WHAT?

    Him: Do I need to open the other box? This one just has a tv in it...

    Me: ??? WAIT! Are you saying you don't even have the computer unboxed yet???

    Him: No not yet, just got it back from the store. I need to unbox it first though right?

    Me: JESUS F'N CHRIST! Yes sir, you need to unbox it, hook it all up, figure out how to use it, and THEN call back if you have trouble getting connected...

    Him: Oh...

    Me: Have a nice day... *click*

    Ohh but wait... It's not over yet... About 2 hours later I was just about ready to wrap up when I get another call...

    Same guy...

    So I'm trying to walk this guy through getting the software loaded... I finally got him to get the disk in and was trying to run the setup, but somethings wrong...

    Me: Okay sir, do you see the "File Manager" icon?

    Him: Yes...

    Me: Okay, move the mouse over that icon and double click...

    Him: Double what?

    Me: Click... Double click.. In other words, click the left mouse button twice really quickly...

    Him: Nothing happened...

    Me: Are you sure you clicked the buttons quickly twice in a row?

    Him: Yes...

    Me: Try again .... again .... again .... one more time ....

    Him: Nothings happening...

    Me: You sure you have the mouse over the icon when you're clicking?

    Him: Yes. ..... .... Does it matter where?

    Me: What do you mean?

    Him: Does it matter where on the mouse? The front, back, or middle?

    Me: Front, back, or middle of what?

    Him: The mouse? The icon is under the middle, should I put it under the front or back instead?

    Me: .... .... .... Wha? ... The .... WHAT?!?!? Sir, is the mouse in your hand???

    Him: Yes...

    Me: Is your hand on the desk???

    Him: NO! It's on the mouse over the icon...

    Me: ARE YOU F'N KIDDING ME?!? Sir, please box all of that stuff back up... Bring the disk back to us and we'll give you a refund and cancel your subscription... Take the computer back to the store and return it as well...

    Him: What? Why? What's wrong with the computer?

    Me: Nothing, you're just too f'n stupid to use it...

    I almost got fired over this incident... He called and raised hell with the manager... I caught a bunch of hell, but you'd have to understand the manager at the time... I didn't give a crap... She was a joke and knew it... ;)
  • dutyjedutyje Posts: 2,263
    Ahh, Shirley.. that punchline does sound a lot like something I've read before :)

    Your experience reminds me of the days as a kid when I used to do a bit of work as a computer tech, dating back to the pre-Windows days. This was all just word-of-mouth stuff, and I did most of my work in the person's home. I also did some tutoring.

    The summer before I went to college, a woman in our neighborhood decided she wanted me to teach her how to use a computer. The family had a computer, but she had never learned how to use it, and she wanted to begin using QuickBooks for her business. This is still just barely pre-internet boom, but the machine had Windows (3.1?).

    Anyway, after a brief introduction to the components of the computer, I was just trying to get her to open her word processor (Word or WordPerfect) by clicking on the icon. I pointed to the icon on the screen, and told her to move the mouse pointer over it and double-click. The mouse was slowly moving all over the screen, and I just kept watching the screen and repeating my instructions, "just move it up here.. yeah.. over here.. no, this way..." but she seemed to be struggling mightily.

    I finally took my eyes away from the screen to look at her, and she looked utterly exhausted and she was perspiring. She seemed to be exerting an outrageous amount of energy, and she had in her eyes the focus and determination of an Olympic weight-lifter... what the heck is going on?

    Finally, I look down at her hand, and she is holding the mouse turned at a 90-degree angle such that the buttons are pointed to the left... so as she tried to push "up", the mouse would move to the right. If you've never tried doing this, give it a shot. The sensation is like trying to perform a task while looking in a mirror. The rest of the hour was spent guiding her through a "how to use your mouse" tutorial which came with the computer.
  • sanesane Posts: 151
    I have had may of the same "classic" user computer problems but one of my favorites came from a friend.
    He use to work at radio shack and one day a guy came in looking for "one of those things that you should plug your computer into"
    My friend sells him a surge protector and the customer is happy and leaves. Some time latter the guy calls the store and tell my friend that after plugging the computer into the surge protector the computer will not turn on. My friend tells him to bring it back and he will give him a new one, as they have had a few of them be bad out of the box. So later that day the guy is back with the "bad" surge protector. My friend cuts the cord on it and throws it in the trash and gives the guy a new one.
    Its getting close to closing time and the phone rings, my friend picks it up and its the same guy, "the thing is not working".
    My friend: "Is the light on?"
    Guy: "No"
    My friend: "Have you tried a new socket to plug it in?"
    Guy: "No..... I thought you plug it into its self and it gave its self power?"
    My friend: "No, plug it in to the wall", under his breath "dumb ass"
  • kuzi16:
    i read the title of this thread:
    " some days i really hate people"

    and i thought to myself:


    you're doin better than I.

    my wife has told me that im a younger version of Red Foreman.
    Hahaha I thought the same thing when I read it, I **** hate people... Everyday.
  • phobicsquirrelphobicsquirrel Posts: 7,349
    Holly crap, I just got done laughing my *** off! Thanks for the stories you guys. I have to say that I hate people in general, I mean I get tired of having to spoon feed people every day. I build computers and also do networking/programming and I just can't understand why people even buy crap that they have no clue on how to use. I don't know how to do everything, nor would I be so pretentious, but I do know that if I don't know something I will search out how to do it or ask for help. But I will not act like I know and be a *** while doing it. In the case of the older guys thinking they know more than younger guys, that may be true in some cases but like all things not always true. I'm young myself and find myself telling people older than me they are doing things wrong all the time. Especially when I run into home wiring jobs (I also do electrical side jobs). I usually get calls from people after they have made the run to home depot or lowes or whatever store they went too. Things usually start by them telling me how they have always done something, but they usually stop with the attitude after I get finished.
  • zoom6zoomzoom6zoom Posts: 1,214
    Reminded me about the one regarding the guy who brought a chainsaw back to the store because he told the salesman that it took all day and hadn't even cut one tree down. The salesman fires it up to check it out and the idiot clasps his hands over his ears and hollers, "what's that noise!?"

    I love humanity. It's people I can't stand.
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