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Gurkha Regent

I recently smoked a Gurkha Regent and am having a hard time pin pointing some of the flavors.  Im not sure if I love it or hate it.  I thought the first inch or so was pretty harsh but enjoyed the last few inches.  Someone help.  Thanks


  • emyers99emyers99 Posts: 15
    I've smoked a few of these and am not a big fan.  Very well made but I could not detect any distinct or memorable flavors. 
  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,633 ✭✭✭✭

    its been a bit since i have had one but i have a review from 8-10-06.  I have since developed my palate quite a bit so im nut sure it would be the same to me now.

    here ya go:

    Gurkha Class Regent Toro 6 x 50

    Honduran Wrapper

    Honduran Filler.

    Box pressed.


    Pre-light smell is earthy with a hint of (I’m not making this up) raisins. Light taste pre-cut.

    Cut with a punch. Draw is firm and again tastes of raisins.


    The first few puffs are sweet and almost fruity. There is a slight spice. No after taste as of yet.

    The first ash fell at just over an inch.  Very smooth but with a fair amount of spice. The sweet has faded. Earthy aftertaste with a hint of raisins. Even burn.

    At the half way point the cigar is of medium body and is smooth and earthy. Spice is in the taste and it is cool on the after taste. I think the raisin taste is from the smell of the cigar. It smells much sweeter than it tastes.  It’s a very interesting cigar. Id like the draw to be a bit lighter.

    The last two inches: Slightly warmer smoke and that brings a bit of a bite but no extra spice or harshness. A flavor of rye is coming on. This is a great way to finish a very good cigar.

    The last few puffs are warm and rich spice with no bitter.  It is toasty and smooth. A wonderful smell accompanies. There is less than an inch left and I want more.  I must resist the urge to go grab another one.

    There has been a slow perfect burn all the way down.


    Burn time 1h 50min


    Burn: 10

    Draw: 7

    Appearance: 10

    Taste: 9

    After taste: 9

    Construction: 10


    Overall: 9.2


    If anyone is interested in the rest of my reviews they can be found at the old AmBack forum.  (now EOTAC)


  • TccargillTccargill Posts: 23

    Thanks for that past review, ill have another in a few days and see what I think.  Im a big maduro fan and am always looking for another great cigar if you have any suggestions for another great smoke.

  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,633 ✭✭✭✭

    5 vegas series A.

    Partagas Black

    Onyx Reserve

    CAO MX2

    sancho panza puts out a good maduro as well.

      the first two are simaler to each other, the onyx is more on ther coffee side, the MX2 has a kind of an earthy creamy sweet thing goin on.

    the sancho panza is the cheapest of them all. Im always surprised how good that cigar is for the price.

  • I had a Montecristo Media Noche on vacation...it was great.
  • RathavenRathaven Posts: 7
    Sol Cubano Maduro is my "everyday" smoke; Robustos in winter, Churchills in summer. As far as the Regent, I've had three so far and they've been a mixed bag; some flavor, no taste as far as I can detect.
  • 6clicks6clicks Posts: 34
    Most excellent review Kuzi16!  I've been planning  a cigar diary using plastic looseleaf pages designed to hold multiple snapshots. I've been looking for the proper form in which to describe my experiences. I'm going to use yours as a pattern and get started on it straight away.
  • kuzi16kuzi16 Posts: 14,633 ✭✭✭✭
    im only a few pages shy of a full notebook.

    you will find that this will make you think about taste and cigars more in depth. you can learn alot from yourself.
  • Hello I just got back from the pub where I had one of the Gurkha Regents. HMMM... Not one of my Fav's. I thought that it was a little strong and was not very destinctive. I would strongly reccomend the regent warrior more complex and on the sweet side.

  • cheymancheyman Posts: 157
    I had one of these the other night during a fiesta...I have no idea if it was any good...I finished it..so it must not have been bad.
  • letsgowithbobletsgowithbob Posts: 677 ✭✭
    I have smoked two of these now. Granted I am just starting out in the review section, but I really enjoy this cigar. The draw has been perfect on both of them. The flavors start out earthy with a bit of pepper, and about a third of the way in, it gets to a slightly sweet taste (haven't figured out what it is yet). The last third is sweet, with pepper in the nose. I quite enjoy these cigars.
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