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Converting a night stand to a humidor

Well, after some discussion, thought, and smoking, I think I have a plan: Converting the bottom drawer in my nightstand to a humidor. Is this plausible? The night stand is wood, pine I believe (not that cheap compressed ****), and seem to close pretty tightly. I know I will need to find some cedar and what not. So here are a couple of questions: + Can I just line the drawer, or should I completely rebuild it out of cedar? + How airtight does it need to be? + Will not having it full right off the bat affect the cigars I do have in there? Thanks in advance, and feel free to put out any other input you feel necessary. ~Brian the Bearded


  • The CankThe Cank Posts: 799
    hhmmm Should just be able to line it with cedar. As far as the seal it should be pretty tight. If you get it stable what ever smokes you put in it should be ok
  • Joeyjoe21_8Joeyjoe21_8 Posts: 2,048
    I would line the entire box with cedar u are converting....and then, if you wanted a really tight seal, you could always put a lid on the draw so when u open it u have to pull it open. also, the edges, you can always seal with a non smelling silicon to help keep it sealed
  • So basically what I need to do is build a smaller box to drop into my drawer? What about the hygrometer: Can I just place a digital one on the inside? And humidification: what would be the best method?
  • Joeyjoe21_8Joeyjoe21_8 Posts: 2,048
    you dont need to build a box inside a box, I would just line the bottom and top with spanish cedar whcih should be enough and seal the edges hella good with a good silicon....and good humidification can be beads....as always lol
  • Joeyjoe21_8:
    ...and good humidification can be beads....as always lol
    So I'm assuming the "beads" are the ones you pour water over to turn into gel? (Like the Humi-Care Jars) This drawer's not too big though, so would one of the Humi-Care Rectangles work? (http://tinyurl.com/29opb87)
  • The CankThe Cank Posts: 799
    by beads he means the ones at conservagel.com or heartfelt. Conservagel is cheaper and they work great. Not sure how big your cabinet is but somewhere around a pound of beads is a good place to start.
  • So I just put those in a bag and throw them in the back of the humidor? Sorry, I'm new to all of this.

    Also, where's a good place to get Spanish Cedar? I looked at my local Lowe's today, all I could find was American Cedar and it was in planks, either far too big or far too small for my application.
  • cabinetmakercabinetmaker Posts: 2,560 ✭✭
    Check specialty lumber yards. Not a home store, but a lumber store.
  • Joeyjoe21_8Joeyjoe21_8 Posts: 2,048
    yeah beads like conservagel...which is what I have....but if you wait a week, once my cabinet seasons, and if it goes well and I get a electronic humidifier I may give you enough beads for that drawer as a trade for sticks...I just got them a month ago but now with a cabinet I need something a lot more powerful
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