PDR Oscuro

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Smoked one earlier. Tasted great. Had a real dessert quality to it. Anyone had one before? Review at the blog


  • OHHHH YEAHHHH! The whole PDR line is incredible...but the oscuro and the classico really stand out to me. Did you get a "snickers-like" taste to it (meaning some caramel and peanuts)? That was the best way I could describe it! I've had a few and understand the dessert like quality comment perfectly. I am still hoping that ccom will start to carry this line, so I don't need to go elsewhere to get um.
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    I have a definite respect for PDR, and their Classico is an absolutely fine stick. The Oscuro was blatantly disappointing to me, however; it was harsh, and managed to both burn horribly and repeatedly go out. Given this, on the other hand, I would like the opportunity to rest one of these for some time (6+months to a year) and try it again.
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