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Birthday Smoke

Being a year older today, I ended the day on what was going to be an adventurous note--I grabbed a beer, a bottle of water, a can of Vernor's (ginger ale), and a stick that had been sitting in my humi for quite a few months that scared the daylights out of me--Man O' War Ruination. But today was going to be the day that I lit it up and took it down!

Forgive me for the tangent I'm about to go on...

Wow. What a smoke. Not the best I've ever had flavor-wise, but a great smoke nonetheless. A smoke that really gave me a lesson in how to properly smoke a cigar. How to take care of it, how to manage it, how to keep it from getting too hot, getting too cool, making you sick, when to ash, when to draw, when to go to the glass to cleanse the palate...if there is such a thing as the perfect smoke, I think I just experienced it. It was like, to borrow a quote from a Nicolas Cage movie, "The cigar is you...you are the cigar."

Can you ever be "one" with a cigar? Did I just achieve cigar nirvana? Have I gone completely nuts? Regardless, what an end to a birthday I had today!


  • StarbuckStarbuck Posts: 32
    It sounds like the cigar was indeed made for your birthday. There are so many things that go into smoking a cigar and it sounds like you experienced it all tonight. First off, Happy Birthday, and glad you had a pleasant evening with the smoke.
  • LasabarLasabar Posts: 4,473 ✭✭✭
    Happy Birthday! And sounds like a great smoke on your big day!
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