Play Misty for me

There I am in the wind again, going where the breeze takes me, splashing in the warm sun and sand. The alarm clock chirps it's awful howl and the warmth fades as reality returns and life comes a-knockin. The 2 pooperhead schnooker heads (schnauzers) stir, but they are not about to get up; it's way too early for spoiled rotten dogs. As the saying goes, "I wish I could be that fella my dog thinks I am" LOL. Maybe some day. As the leftover brain cells fall in line and a tiny bit of memory returns.......I realize!! Hey!! I'm gettin up to go FISHING!!!! Not work! Happy days are here again!! Wooo Hooo.

Now everything is coming together, yeppers the 2 bologna samitches yes samitches (git-er-done), that I made last night are right here in the fridge next to the iced tea. The thermos I filled with super hot water before bed is pre-heated to perfection. I hit the on button to start Joltin Joe Dimagio brewin my Galactic go go juice. I start running down all the details of my excursion, rods Y, Tackle Y, boat keys Y, double check running lights Y.....let's see, mummm I know I am forgeting something...Ok here I will sit down for a moment and try to imagine myself sitting on the bow of the boat. You know trying to get an out of body view......before I sit Joe is just about done so I open the freezer and grab a Jimmy Dean frozen breakfast sausage on a biscuit and pour a cup of the mud that is the reason to live. As I do a 360* full outside view of that day to come, I see it! My Cigar! How can I forget that? I pop the micro off and head to the humi. Now it's gonna be a short day, only about 8~9 hours out on the lake. Let's see, the drive over, 2 for fishing, and the drive back! Yeppesr that'll do 4. Now my lighter, cutter, back-up matches...Check ready to roll.

After washing that biscuit down with motor oil, I fill the thermos with the rest. I don't dare put the top on yet, this stuff is voatile. I grab my coat and sunglasses and sunscreen and bug repellant go out the the truck and check the trailer hook-up because my Pop taught me to triple check everything and then check it again. Toss my gear in the truck and give a little kiss to my sweetie. Yeppers I'm ready.

The marina is already busy with the die-hard bass fishermen. Lamiglass caps and Loomis t-shirts. I glance at my watch and see it's already 5:15. Man I gotta get to bed earlier. I drop the boat in the lake and set up my running lights (those rangers can be kinda hard nose sometimes). Park the truck and return to the boat. I lay out all 10 rods that I tied last night while smoking a Rocky Patel Sungrown and sipping a little Tequila with a Red Tail Ale Back. Every presentation....spinners, buzz, top pop, Cranks, tossers....Time to go. I squeeze my fuel bulb and lower the Mercury into the misty morning water. Two turns and that beautiful 4-stroke state of the art outboard motor says "Good Morning Big Fella!!" Careful through the mouth of the channel because the lack of enough rain left the water level a bit low, and out towards the buoy, a sharp right and into the dark. The sun is just a glow behind the mountain tops to the east, it's top water time. The bareley visable steam is climbing as the little water hoppers bounce on the water. Yeppers God is playing Misty for me. I am in awe of His gifts and I stand and bow my head in thanks as I pray.

Fish? Did I say Fish? Fishing means never having to say you're sorry,errrr.....oh well different movie, different time. Fishing is not about catching fish! It's about doing something while doing nothing at all. Grace is everywhere but sometimes we are in too big a hurry to see it. Take your grandson or son or daughter or if you can't find anyone else, you wife....LOL, fishing this summer! Drink in God's Glory, reset your heart the natural way. Stay away from Jimmy Dean Sausage biscuits.......Most of all, Forgive yourself and others (in that order). We are only human after all. God Bless, until next time! Love our soldiers and Pray for them and their famlies. Most gave some, some gave all. Not dramatic here! Just the plain truth. Lord! Play Misty for us all and have an Oliva "V" serie with me! Cheers! Love ya.


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